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Detailed information for post docs and predoc trainees regarding taxes:

Time Management:

- Personal Productivity: How to work effectively and   calmly in the midst of chaos

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Public Speaking

Natalie McManus has a BS degree in Speech-Language Pathology from Penn State University, and a MA degree in Speech-Language Pathology from The University of Iowa. She has over 20 years of experience in the field of Speech-Language Pathology. In addition, she is a Designated Linklater Voice Teacher and presently teaches Voice and Speech at George Mason University. Natalie is also a Certified National Forensics League Coach and coaches a hugely successful high school competitive speech team in Montgomery County, Maryland. Her company, Puck's Pals, LLC teaches Shakespeare workshops to middle school students; professional presentation skill workshops; and works on vocal skills with private clients.

Trainees periodically have the opportunity to work with Natalie McManace to develop their presentation skills through a Presentation Skills Workshop:

The purpose of this workshop is to improve the presentation skills of professionals by helping them to identify areas of difficulty they may be experiencing, and working on new skills through the use of trial presentation pieces. This workshop is offered both here at Pitt and also periodically at the AHA Epi Council meetings where it is available to all cardiovascular trainees.

The workshop makes use of the Linklater Voice Approach. This approach, developed by Kristin Linklater, is a progression of exercises designed to help develop a voice that is resonant, clear, flexible, confident, and expressive. The Linklater Approach involves work on relaxation, physical awareness, alignment of the spine, breathing, resonance, articulation, vocal health, and exploring how the voice does and does not work. It is widely respected and is one of the leading voice approaches taught in major universities. It has also been taught to professionals of major corporations interested in increasing the effectiveness of their presentations. Professionals utilizing the Linklater Approach have noted significant improvement in the quality of their presentations.

The workshop is designed to be interactive. Participants learn through watching the work done with individual presenters.

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