Faculty Mentors – Cardiovascular Disease Interests

Akira Sekikawa, MD, PhD, PhD, MPH, Program Director – International epidemiology of subclinical atherosclerosis, omega-3 fatty acids, isoflavones, and subclinical atherosclerosis, vascular stiffness, and amyloid in the brain, Mediterranean diet and CVD

Emma Barinas-Mitchell, PhD, Program Co-Director – Subclinical atherosclerosis, vascular remodeling, women’s health

Allison L. Kuipers, PhD, Program Associate Co-Director – Molecular and genetic epidemiology of CVD and other CVD-related chronic diseases

Marnie Bertolet, PhD – Epidemiologic methods, statistics, biostatistics, clinical trials, CVD and diabetes

Maria Brooks, PhD – Epidemiology of infectious diseases; prevention and control of antibiotic-resistant bacterial infections

Brittany Brown-Podgorski, PhD, MPH – Cardiovascular disease, empirical policy analysis, legal epidemiology, racial disparities

Janet Catov, PhD – Perinatal & CV Epidemiology, Understanding the determinants and consequences of adverse pregnancy outcomes, identifying common predisposing factors to adverse pregnancy outcomes and later-life maternal CVD, Preterm birth

Jane Cauley, DrPH, MPH – Epidemiology of osteoporotic fractures and falls, aging, including women’s health issues, and heart disease, vitamin D and fractures/osteoporosis, sleep and its relationship to fractures, falls, physical and cognitive function and mortality

(Joyce) Chung-Chou H. Chang, PhD – Biostatistical methods for medical research (including causal inference, survival and longitudinal data analysis, methods for clinical trial design); health service research; HIV/AIDS; cognitive function for elderly; liver transplantation; acute illness

Yvette Conley, PhD, FAAN – Molecular genomics, transcriptomic, proteomic, metagenomic studies

Tina Costacou, PhD – Epidemiology of diabetes, including women’s health issues

Samar El Khoudary, PhD, MPH – women’s health, menopausal transition, ectopic fat, lipids, subclinical atherosclerosis

Anthony Fabio, PhD, MPH – social epidemiologic approaches to understanding violence

Tiffany L. Gary-Webb, PhD, MHS – Epidemiology of diabetes and obesity for minority populations, health disparities, social determinants of health, lifestyle interventions in minority populations

Peter Gianaros, PhD – Imaging neuroscience studies of stressful experiences and CVD risk

Oscar Lopez, MD – Mild cognitive impairment, Alzheimer’s disease, brain imaging

Jared W. Magnani MD, MSc – Cardiovascular epidemiology; risk factors for cardiovascular outcomes including social determinants and health literacy

Iva Miljkovic, MD, PhD – Obesity and metabolism; Global/ international cardio-metabolic health; Cardio-metabolic health disparities

Suresh Mulukutla, MD – Cardiovascular outcomes and Epidemiology, outcomes following hospitalization, Utilization of system-level data

Oscar Marroquin, MD – Big data, interventional cardiology, microvascular dysfunction

Anne B. Newman, MD, MPH – Aging, longevity, CVD, sarcopenia, disability, sleep apnea and sleep quality, prevention of disability

Sanjay R. Patel, MD, MS – Epidemiology of sleep and sleep disorders as predictors of metabolic and CVD

Bruce L. Rollman, MD, MPH – Depression/anxiety and heart failure/coronary heart disease, mobile health, depression/anxiety treatment

Caterina Rosano, MD, MPH – Resilience to brain disease in aging and prevention of age-related functional decline

Elsa S. Strotmeyer, PhD, MPH – Diabetes complications in older adults; peripheral nerve function; Physical performance outcomes: muscle function, fall injuries and mobility; Medicare claims linked to cohort studies; Methods in aging epidemiology

Evelyn O. Talbott, DrPH – Environmental epidemiology and public health, cardiovascular risk factors for women

Rebecca C. Thurston, PhD – Menopause, health disparities, women and heart disease

Jian-Min Yuan, MD, PhD – Environmental exposure and gene-environmental interaction in the etiology of cancer; Biomarkers for cancer risk assessment and early detection; Chemopreventive effect of dietary agents for primary prevention of cancer

Joseph M. Zmuda, PhD – Molecular and genetic epidemiology